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About Blueshape Energy Inside

The BLUESHAPE brand is European designed and manufactured. Its premium video power products and accessories are distinguished by their leading edge technological answers to the issues of real-life users. BLUESHAPE directly manufactures all of its batteries, chargers and power stations. BLUESHAPE introduced the drop-resistant battery, is the only brand with an IP water and dust resistance rating and pioneered user-accessible battery status and health monitoring. With the advancements in LED and other lighting, BLUESHAPE also developed the Power Stations which combine the power of external 14V batteries to provide up to 48V and 560W which can power virtually any DC-capable lighting. BLUESHAPE will feature new chargers and improvements to chargers. Higher power and simultaneous charging is featured on two-position models. For those transporting batteries by air, a new model with charging and discharging functions will be premiered. Recent solutions include the step-up adapter for the ARRI Alexa LF© that allows 14V batteries to achieve 21V, sufficient for the needs of the camera. BLUESHAPE created the HDplus batteries specifically for this application, providing 20A service, well above the 12A issued by the standard video battery The company is committed to product innovation. This NAB BLUESHAPE is proud to introduce the "B-Mount," the new high voltage battery system introduced by ARRI© for cameras and lights that is expected to be the future standard for the cinema industry.

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