Connected Cars Will Run on Satellite

Wednesday, April 10 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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There are already millions of connected cars on the road relying on the same cellular networks we use for phones to deliver internet access, streaming audio and roadside assistance. But try streaming a Netflix show for your kids and the limits become apparent. Cellular does not go everywhere – which doesn’t matter for entertainment but matters very much for safety. As cars become increasingly autonomous, the challenges to connectivity will rise. They will need detailed and up-to-date maps to supplement vision systems. They will need massive software updates as often as a mobile phone does, especially in the early days of the technology. Without those updates, autonomous vehicles become a collection of bugs on wheels. Experts expect 5G, with its blazing speeds, to come to the rescue but 5G will be an urban phenomenon for years to come. Join us at NAB Show and hear how satellite connectivity will provide the essential foundation for the success of the connected car.


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Education Program: In-Vehicle Experience

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