Mobility Stories for the Passenger Economy of Today and Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion with Waze and Broadcasters

Monday, April 8 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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With the emergence of autonomous vehicles and other new modes of transportation, there is an opportunity for news broadcasters to create new content and tailored experiences for their audience on the road. The Waze for Broadcasters program provides Waze data to supercharge traffic news reporting for 850+ partners globally from the likes of NBC, CNN, ABC and others.

Whether reporters are reporting from the studio or navigating the roads, they can easily access a birds-eye view of traffic and provide their audience with real-time drive times and alternate routes. By using data from Waze, news organizations improve the reliability and the quality of their reporting. Waze for Broadcasters aims to make reporting as informative as possible, so that regardless of their mode of transport -- autonomous or human-operated -- commuters are well-informed of road conditions and can plan ahead.

Waze for Broadcasters has also expanded into providing mobility content. Questions like “how effective are HOV lanes in LA? When are they most effective” and “what are the top 10 most congested areas in Atlanta” are questions that Waze can answer with its abundance of aggregated and anonymized data. These are also questions that are relevant to an audience that utilizes autonomous vehicles; while autonomous vehicles may reduce the number of accidents due to human error and free up commuters from their driving duties, they won’t solve all congestion, routing and mobility issues.

Waze for Broadcasters means reporters have access to unique data-driven content to help them report on the road conditions that impact drivers of any kind of vehicle.

Waze Global Lead of Waze for Broadcasters Mona Weng will moderate a 30 minute panel discussion featuring current broadcast partners to talk through how they leverage Waze data for their traffic reporting today and how they envision they’ll incorporate it within the context of the evolving passenger economy of tomorrow.


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