Satellite - The Future of 5G

Tuesday, April 9 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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The terrestrial mobile industry is working hard to complete the 5G specification and begin deployment of a network promising blazing speeds. That network will also depend on much greater density of cell sites to support high-bandwidth, low-latency service. To keep deployment costs manageable, 5G networks will centralize most processing in data centers and use new technologies to interconnect baseband units with remote radio units at the edge, which is known as fronthaul. That centralization means that fronthaul traffic will add considerably to the capacity demands of 5G. The obvious solution is fiber – but its deployment beyond urban and suburban areas quickly becomes hard to cost-justify. The long-term roll-out of 5G depends on managing a hybrid mix of fiber, microwave and satellite to extend its benefits beyond the urban core. Join us, along with senior leaders from satellite providers and content delivery executives to unpack this change and we collectively prepare for 5G.

Produced in Partnership with Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) and World Teleport Association (WTA).


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Education Program: Destination 5G Theater

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