Panel Debate 7: How Can Big Data and Analytics Improve the TV Experience?

Wednesday, April 10 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Location: SU10114

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TV has progressed from general broadcast to a subscriber focused experience with the growth of on-demand content. The first iteration of subscriber centric content, however, is still failing to meet its potential through lack of insight into subscribers, and a lack of systems able to capitalise on that knowledge. From areas like ad-insertion, through to content recommendation and even programming, FTA and Pay-TV operators need a shift in technology and processes along with a new set of skills to gain benefits from big data and analytics. Our expert panel will discuss some of the fundamental opportunities and challenges that operators from all spheres need to understand as TV is tailored for the individual. The panel will look at real world examples and wider trends to extrapolate some best practice advice and practical steps that can deliver immediate results to improve the TV experience.



Education Program: Connected MedialIP Debate Theater