CMAF: How to Reduce Live Latency and Use a Single Stream to Address Multiple Devices.

Tuesday, April 9 12:40 PM - 1:00 PM

Location: SU11621

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CMAF is defining a standardized protocol to offer two major OTT-specific improvements. On one hand, a single stream can be used to deliver encrypted content to all connected devices, while on the other, live latency between IPTV and OTT devices can be dramatically reduced from a typical 40+ seconds down to an average of 5 seconds. This reduces user frustration while watching live events, especially sports, and lowers CDN costs for the operator while ensuring a high level of content security. Viaccess-Orca, with its partners, supports the deployment of CMAF. More specifically, VO content protection and playback solutions feature CMAF standard for both HLS and DASH playlists, solving multiple challenges related to the ecosystem, device fragmentation, and security performances for the OTT market.



Education Program: Connected MedialIP Presentation Theater