Enhancing Media Workflows with Private, On-Demand, Flexible IP Delivery Utilizing Automated Networks.

Tuesday, April 9 10:20 AM - 10:40 AM

Location: SU11621

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This presentation will discuss a case study of PCCW Global’s Console Connect platform being utilized by event organizers during live production. Console Connect is a software defined interconnection platform that allows media producers to have on-demand, flexible, private interconnections to the cloud, media platforms, data centers and distribution hubs. Utilized during a live event, it can offer a secure and cost effect provisioning of IP delivery circuits, whether to enhance the media workflow or for delivery of the final cut. This case study will look at a recent eSports event held in Hong Kong, that used Console Connect for flexible, instant bandwidth from the stadium location to both the gaming servers and AWS for live streaming.



Education Program: Connected MedialIP Presentation Theater