More Than A Game: Rethinking Sports Sponsorships

Thursday, April 11 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: N419

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The sports industry, whether it’s esports or traditional sports, has been plagued with age-old philosophy that the sole measure of success for sports sponsorship deals is a high dollar amount. That way of approaching partnerships isn’t working in today’s sports sphere. Now more than ever, fans demand thoughtful, complimentary, and relevant selections for partners of sports and esports teams, and choosing the right names to pair up with can add significant value to a team’s offering.

Join Complexity Gaming’s CMO Cameron Kelly to learn how to leverage meaningful technology partnerships that are mutually beneficial for fans, players, and organizations. Hear how Complexity’s own unique technology partnerships are being integrated in their groundbreaking esports headquarters, shared with the Dallas Cowboys, and rewriting the playbook for sports sponsorship best practices.



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