In Millions of Hours of Video Content, Where is the Money?

Tuesday, April 9 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: SU6624

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Between online streams, live broadcasts and on-demand libraries—distributed via a constantly evolving network of devices and screens—content and video providers must oversee millions of hours of content. Key to this management and organization is creating a sustainable monetization strategy - how do content providers most effectively build advertising and other business models around both on-demand and live video and streaming channels?

This presentation will sift through the complicated considerations of today’s video monetization landscape, helping to demystify the differences between ad insertion for on-demand and live streaming video; when to launch a subscription or transaction-based monetization model; and when to adopt a hybrid monetization model. Where is the money for content providers and what other business models should they be testing to optimize revenue potential across screens and streams?

Discussion topics include:
● Building the most effective monetization strategy for each piece of content
● Exploring AVOD, SVOD,TVOD and “XVOD”
● What is a hybrid monetization model?
● Live streaming vs. on-demand models
● The ins and outs of ad insertion for streaming video
● Managing the diversity of screens, technologies and audiences


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    Education Program: Advanced Advertising Theater

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