Making Advertising Work on the Web: The Need for Standards

Monday, April 8 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: SU6624

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With the Web being the predominant application platform that consumers are using to drive the consumption of content, the need to define a way for advertising to be a part of that experience has become increasingly more of an issue. This panel will discuss the challenges that the technology and advertising industries are facing with implementing streaming advertising on the Web. Some of the issues that will be addressed are:

-When it comes to protecting identity, why should we have one set of standards when the rules vary by country?
-What are the real business goals that advertisers are trying to achieve? Is it gauging how many views they get for a specific ad to a specific person or is it the activity around a specific ad to a profile of users?
-What needs to be done to allow the technology providers (i.e. browsers, CDN infrastructure players, etc.) to feel confident that they aren't allowing advertisers to gather personal data?
-Who are the technology organizations that you either work with or need to integrate with and how could standards make that easier?
-W3C has a specific focus on Web Standards. What other Standards Organizations do you work with and what is the intersection, if any, of these organizations?

Produced in Partnership with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


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Education Program: Advanced Advertising Theater

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