Understanding & Planning for 5G, ATSC 3.0 & the Hyper Convergence: End of an Era or Dawn of the Digital Media Super Competitor?

Monday, April 8 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Video streaming is projected to comprise +70% of traffic to be carried over future Internet, 5G, IoT & Smartcities networks. In anticipation, we are nearing a transition to a next generation of Hyper Converged infrastructure that has the potential to reinvent, extend and reinvigorate broadcast TV as well as the entire media & entertainment ecosystem.

The numbers are colossal & the dynamics are clear. Fast growing digital ad revenues led by mobile are forecasted to double by 2023 reaching +80 billion in annual revenue; a long term CAGR of near 17%. Meanwhile, legacy TV’s continued loss of market share is expected to continue with no end in sight. Heralding the end of traditional linear TV’s market dominance, total online market share surpassed 51.5% in 2018.

Demonstrating that the market share lead held by the digital advertising duo of Facebook/Google is not impervious to competition; Amazon’s focus on superior execution and supply chain optimization has allowed them to grow their digital advertising business to a solid 3rd with growth rates better than the current leaders. Can broadcasters & the leaders of legacy media do the same; i.e., conceive, deploy and enable the infrastructure and expertise necessary to chip away at the digital advertising dominance of the likes of Facebook, Google & Amazon?

Acknowledging that complex problems, require complex solutions topics will range from Regulation, standards development, chip design and the development of hyper efficient network capabilities to problem solving the details of transforming legacy systems, operating culture and business practices involved in production, MVPD distribution, analytics, advertising, live coverage, product development & customer engagement.

This Round Table will focus on revealing a high level discussion for public consumption about the various aspects of the unfolding ecosystem transformation being enabled by the development and deployment of ATSC 3.0, 5G as well as associated technologies and standards. We hope to elevate the level of discussion within the industry in general as well as to promote and accelerate broader problem solving activity in particular.

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