ATSC 3.0 v. 5G: The Council for Research Excellence Looks into the Future of Advertising

Monday, April 8 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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Video distribution, and the advertising models that help underwrite the media industry, are changing – there is no argument. But, are we in the midst of a revolution that will transform media, or simply an evolution that will tweak current industry norms? Will either ATSC 3.0 or 5G become the dominant video delivery system? Will traditional mass marketing remain most important to advertisers, or be overtaken by the promise of 1-to-1 marketing? And, how are we going to measure both audiences and business outcomes for any of these eventualities? On these issues, the media industry’s crystal ball remains very cloudy.

In December, Fox Networks Group, the Council for Research Excellence, a consortium of media research leaders, and Magid brought together influencers across the media, marketing and technology sectors for a unique scenario planning event designed to help provide clarity regarding the business implications of the rollouts of ATSC 3.0 and 5G. In this session, event participants will share their experiences from the event and highlight key takeaways from the final report, including important consumer adoption mileposts and challenges these new forms of video distribution create for audience measurement.


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Education Program: Advanced Advertising Theater

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