Opportunities in Esports: How Brands Can Take the Game To the Next Level

Monday, April 8 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: N419

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Esports is one of the fastest growing segments of media and entertainment, and its popularity among millennials and Gen Z is undeniable. Esports touches a variety of industries and appeals to one of the most sought after demographics, which is why mainstream brands are looking to get involved in even bigger and more effective ways. And as esports continues to grow at an unparallelled rate and garner more popularity, the industry is taking cues from how traditional sports began to take brands into their worlds.

During the early stages of traditional sports leagues, properties worked with brand partners to utilize their resources and marketing capabilities and to help grow the overall ecosystem. Examples range from the NFL and Ford Motor Company to the NBA and Gatorade. Through these partnerships, leagues were able to scale their reach and build bigger, better programs.

Esports has taken note, and organizations, like ESL, are working with brands to do more, build more, and reach more fans without compromising brands’ already established messaging, values or target audience. With his extensive crossover experience in both traditional sports and esports, Paul Brewer, SVP of Brand Partnerships at ESL, has helped to bridge the gap between these two industries, most notably on the brand sponsorship side. He has established a sponsorship sales model and solidified the brand partnership strategy for the world’s largest independent esports company, which, in turn, has set precedent for the esports industry as a whole.

To many blue chip brands, esports is a foreign landscape. ESL recognizes this and has taken initiative to educate non-endemic brands, agencies and organizations to understand the best point of entry. ESL works hand-in-hand with these brands to guide them through the complex esports space. ESL will also go the extra mile to help develop original ways for brands to tell their story authentically through unique onsite activations in order to build trust with esports fans and consumers, while still gaining that visibility. By positively impacting the community, marketers can see their brands move from awareness towards consideration and ultimately usage.

As a result of this targeted approach, ESL has partnered with some of the most recognizable brands around the world, including AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds, Mountain Dew, Intel, Redbull, Dell Alienware, Microsoft and more.

With ESL’s help, esports has become a land of opportunity for brands. In this session, Brewer will share how brands can amplify their message and reach a sought-after digital generation organically and authentically to build brand awareness in esports.



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