Affordable and Secure - An End to End OTT Solution.

Wednesday, April 10 2:40 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: SU11621

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In many countries watching of TV content is shifting to OTT from broadcast. During this shift, securing the content is as important on OTT as it is on broadcast. Today, most deployments are using Widevine and Fairplay for protection of the OTT content. Often its heard that such platforms are secure as Fairplay and Widevine are approved by Hollywood studios. Is this correct? And is it that other parts of the OTT solution need to be secured? During this presentation, CryptoGuard will present its proven solution for securing broadcast content, it will present its affordable end to end OTT solution, and explain why CryptoLite has a higher security level.


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Education Program: Connected MedialIP Presentation Theater