Cisco Keynote: So It’s Time to go IP: A Primer on Media Data Centers and How They Make Your Life Better.

Wednesday, April 10 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Look at your phone. All of those things are in it, plus a travel agent, television, mirror, document scanner, cookbook, pager, and whatever other handy apps you carry with you, every day, that used to be standalone things. The same thing is happening in broadcast video facilities, to single out one (of many) industrial instances of the ‘bespoke to multi-purpose device’ phenomenon. Banks of switchers, servers, broadcast-specific production/playout hardware - all of the individual components that make TV signals get from where they start to the screen - are ultimately tilting toward the same general destiny as your formerly physical stuff is to their smartphone doppelganger. Join Cisco and partners to discuss the triad of virtualisation (including object storage), orchestration and automation and learn how gear is being optimised and cost savings realised.


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Education Program: Connected MedialIP Debate Theater