Making Meaning Out of 5G

Wednesday, April 10 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: SU13306

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This session explores 5G’s value beyond speed, shifting the conversation from what 5G is capable of to what it enables us to do. It will offer tangible examples of how 5G can deliver real value to both customers and brands alike.

It will look at 5G enabled experiences through the lenses of content, brand, and technology. 5G enables new content formats that merge digital and physical, enabling people to look, learn, and engage with their everyday environment. It revolutionises how brands can interact with their customers through meaningful, delightful, and personal experiences. It powers new platforms and technologies to evolve and become realities in users’ day to day lives.

5G can optimize the best of physical and digital to deliver a truly customer first experience while generating value for content creators, broadcasters, and service providers alike. This session will show the possibilities for these experiences.



Education Program: Destination 5G Theater