Win Friends and Inspire People: Personal Brands in the Social Media Era

Monday, April 8 2:05 PM - 2:50 PM

Location: N262/N264

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Culture has always been tied to personality. But never before has an individual held the cultural power and influence to drive sales, brand awareness and engagement as they do today's era of social media. And never before have cultural icons been recognized as “friends” on digital platforms - the intricacies of their personal lives intertwined with the lives of your siblings, mentors and closest buddies. For influencers, portraying a unique and compelling lifestyle is the key to unlocking your potential in this new brand economy. Join this panel of notable influencers as they walk through the secrets and tools that have helped catapult their brand to the forefront of the digital age. Cultural icons will discuss their challenges, strategies and personal perspectives on building and maintaining a personal brand in today’s world.


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Education Program: NXT Tech Symposium

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