Beyond Frenemies: New Relationships in a 5G World

Tuesday, April 9 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Location: SU13306

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With 5G, carriers face the prospect of offering more speed and capabilities at the same or lower prices and will require they take an expanded role in shaping the broader ecosystems that emerge. Solution providers from cloud to data analytics and customer management are similarly scrambling for positioning as 5G is deployed.


While 5G architecture is the best-suited generation of wireless to enable industry-focused solutions, reaching these industries will increasingly require closer partnerships across the ecosystem. This panel will provide a well-rounded perspective on challenges and partnership models, highlighting:

• how companies and carriers identify and develop the relationships best suited to them;
• how partners overcome points of friction in their operating and monetization models;
• where they see opportunities for new partnership opportunities for carriers from both the perspective of business and operating model


Education Program: Destination 5G Theater