College Esports: Competition, Education, Lifestyle

Monday, April 8 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: N419

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The current Collegiate Esports infrastructure is rapidly taking shape. As this dynamic landscape evolves two distinct organizations are deploying unique approaches to create fulfilling experiences for the gaming community. Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company and Full Sail University intend to bring their distinct approaches into alignment as they develop multi faceted synergies.

Simplicity Esports is a North American esports organization founded by Jed Kaplan, minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, Swansea City of the English Championship League and Managing Partner of Loudoun United, USL the affiliate of DC United of MLS. As an established brand within the esports space Simplicity competes in popular games across different genres, including PUBG, Gears of War,
SMITE and NHL 19.

Full Sail University will open the largest esports stadium on a U.S. college campus next month, and will combine that with a unique curriculum, their competitive varsity teams, and their history in education for the game industry, to build an entire academic ecosystem built around esports. Simplicity and Full Sail intend to work together to enhance each other’s missions.

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