The Personalized Future of In-Vehicle Entertainment

Tuesday, April 9 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Location: N3311

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Since the 1950s, entertainment technology has been an integral part of the automobile experience. Now with Bluetooth, smartphone integrations like CarPlay and Android Auto, and voice assistants, the in-car entertainment game is on a completely different level. While there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that drivers and car aficionados can add to their cars, there are some upgraded features that many drivers don’t realize they have at their fingertips -- and voices -- without any additional hardware or antennas.

In the future, all car drivers and passengers are going to expect a similar level of personalized, streamlined experiences for their radios, akin to what they can see and hear on their phones, smart speakers, or other places where voice technology exists. Additionally, they are going to expect the technology within their vehicles to be adaptable to the changes in technology with their entertainment. The majority of today’s auto infotainment systems lag the average ownership cycles, and the production timelines of the auto industry in general are still sluggish.

With executives from iHeart, Waze, TuneIn and others, this session will explore how streaming content providers will shape and influence the future of how drivers and passengers significantly improve the personalization, access, and general experiences for their radio, music, sports, and podcasts within the car.



Education Program: In-Vehicle Experience