Collaboration Station: Market Leaders Unite for Breakthrough Newsroom in the Cloud

Monday, April 8 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: SL8224

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The move to the cloud to capitalize on the ability to scale up at peak times, improve collaboration, streamline workflows, and improve operational efficiency while moving to an op-ex model is dominating discussions in the media industry. While some production, post and distribution tasks are moving to the cloud, it’s been premature for all necessary content production functions to be fully realized in the cloud – until now.

This panel session will discuss how Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) broke new ground when it created an end-to-end cloud news workflow for a critical proof-of-concept project. The panelists will share key learnings from the private hackathon to develop and test an entirely cloud-based news workflow for the capture and broadcast of UN activity at its New York headquarters without the costly, burdensome infrastructure and time-intensive build of a traditional broadcast system.

The session will illustrate how a software-based live production takes advantage of the elasticity and scalability of the cloud for a virtual newsroom spun up or down in hours, eliminating the costly integration and infrastructure of physical systems. Attendees will see how any needed feature change is deployed as software, undergoes automated testing and is immediately applied for incredibly simple, fast and efficient live production. This collaboration has the power to remake live production workflows and fundamentally change business models, with tremendous benefits to news and sports broadcasters, content creators, media organizations and audiences.



Education Program: AI & Cloud Campus