Control Your Destiny Or Someone Else Will: Business Agility In The Shift To Digital Ad Revenue.

Wednesday, April 10 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: SU6624

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We all know the shift to digital is already behind us: According to AdAge(1), overall Advertising spend is growing at a 3.3% clip with spending reaching $204b last year(1). The dollars aren’t gone – they jumped from the left pocket to the right pocket. While digital advertising grew at 13%, all other media platforms are stagnant or at a sharp decline. Some media companies still derive nearly 50% of their ad revenue from legacy linear/print channels. In this session, we explore the conditions that are accelerating the shift to digital and the guardrails to prevent leakage to competing for pureplay digital alternatives and social media platforms. What should your advertising lifecycle look like during this transition? What will it look like In 5 or 10 years?

Join a panel of experts from major media companies who have braved the capital costs and complexities of running advertising services organizations, they have mastered an understanding of the customer to innovate in the most unexpected ways. They are armed to the teeth with a new lethal weapon in this brave digital era: data. Fuel your sales initiatives with proven tactics that work, hear go to market strategies and operational tips for profitable growth in the transformed, competitive world of advertising!
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