Using AI to generate high-quality slow motion videos and enhance live storytelling

Monday, April 8 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Location: N256

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Slow motion replays are extremely valuable as they help producers build emotion and enthusiasm around the game, creating better storytelling.

Unfortunately, not all cameras feature slow motion capabilities, and super motion cameras are limited in use due to their cost. In addition, archived content can enrich the storytelling but is rarely available in slow motion.

Artificial Intelligence can help overcome these limitations. With an AI-based system, it is possible to generate hallucinated images in between original video images to artificially create slow motion feeds. We’ll focus on two use cases; creating slow motion images from regular video feeds and generating super or hyper motion images from supermotion cameras.

The first results clearly show that AI outperforms traditional approaches in terms of quality. We’ll indicate several points of attention that will help boost the performance of AI-generated images for slow motion replays, especially as the industry moves towards 4K and 8K.



Education Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

BEIT Paper Track: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Broadcast