Adaptable Content Security in the Cloud using Serverless Technology

Wednesday, April 10 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Location: N258

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Serverless architecture, such as AWS Lambda, simplifies the code deployment and eliminates the need for system administration. While a generic technology, it is very suitable to bring adaptable security into the various stages — ingestion, transformation, and distribution — of the media content life cycle. Based on our extensive experience in developing serverless applications, in this talk, I will present few design patterns for serverless architectures and show how these patterns allow security professionals to develop interesting security services for various stages of media processing, such as virus scanning of media (at ingestion), analysis, auditing, and alerting (at transformation), and authentication & on-the-fly packaging (at distribution via HLS/DASH). I will also describe how the event-driven model of serverless helps deploy competing security technologies in parallel, providing adaptable security. Finally, I will cover how serverless technology can keep the cloud platform continuous compliant for media processing (helping in the TPN audit).



Education Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

BEIT Paper Track: Content Security