AI Technology is Changing the Future of Video Compression

Monday, April 8 10:40 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: N256

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Video compression for broadcast TV services started more than 20 years ago. Over time, several key improvements, such as dual-pass, statistical multiplexing, and software migration, were made to compression technology in order to boost performance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next frontier of video compression enhancements.

This paper will examine how AI is being applied to video compression for broadcast and OTT applications. It will start with a brief history of video compression, followed by ways that AI can be utilized, explaining how AI solves typical video compression problems. The paper will also explore the different types of AI implementations that can be used for video compression, as well as the advantages of AI in terms of reducing development and deployment costs and opening up new opportunities. Finally, the paper will address the future possible evolutions of AI for video compression, specifically touching on standards development.


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Education Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

BEIT Paper Track: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Broadcast

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