An Objective Guide to Audio Monitoring for Next-Gen TV

Tuesday, April 9 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM

Location: N260

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Getting multi-channel audio to sound good in the unknown and unpredictable environment of the consumer has proven to be a significant and ongoing challenge, whether the audio is actually heard in 5.1, downmixed to stereo speakers or enjoyed over headphones. Immersive audio channel configurations in ATSC 3.0 makes this even more daunting. Personalized and interactive audio adds another dimension to proper monitoring for the broadcast engineer.

From the limited space and acoustic limitations of a mobile truck to channel restrictions in current mixing consoles, challenges abound. How can engineers effectively monitor for every possible rendering and interaction a consumer has with the content within the nearly limitless possibilities personalized and immersive audio offers?

This paper will explore a number of solutions to the challenges of audio monitoring for Next-Gen TV.



Education Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

BEIT Paper Track: Immersive and Personalized Audio for Next-Gen TV