P|PW Panel: The Creativity Collective: Premiere Pro Power Tips from Top Experts

Sunday, April 7 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Location: S220

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See the best of the best experts, show you their favorite Premiere Pro power tips. Your host, Master Trainer, Jeff I. Greenberg, will make sure the pace is unbelievable and fun. These power users and trainers will have you walk out being amazed! Even If you’ve been using Premiere forever, you’ll find at least a couple new techniques.

Perfect for every Premiere Pro editor - there’s something here for everyone!

Have a question prior to class? Get all of your questions answered from Master Trainer Jeff I. Greenberg (http://JGreenbergConsulting.com) or e-mail Jeff@JGreenbergConsulting.com.


Event Information

Education Program: PostIProduction World

P|PW Session Track: Motion Graphics & VFX

Key Topics