Spatial imaging 3D video technology for next-generation TV

Wednesday, April 10 4:20 PM - 4:40 PM

Location: N260

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We investigated spatial imaging three-dimensional (3D) video technology with the aim of developing a next-generation broadcasting service. This technology allows 3D videos to be viewed without the need for using special glasses. The main challenge associated with the practical application is that acquisition and reproduction of a large amount of ray information are necessary to improve the 3D image quality. Therefore, we are in the process of developing a technique for acquiring high-density ray information from multi-view images captured using a multi-camera array system, in addition to devising a novel display method called “Aktina Vision” for reproducing high-resolution 3D videos. Display of 3D videos of real objects with a resolution of approximately 330,000 pixels, which is thrice that of conventional display methods, was achieved with the prototype system. Here, we present our roadmap of technological development and latest research results for the future 3D television broadcasting service.



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Education Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference

BEIT Paper Track: New Television Content Technologies

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